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Team BAMF Forum Rules

1. No posts that contain illegal material or copyrighted material will be tolerated. Any post containing or linking to illegal or copyrighted material will be immediately removed from the forum and banning from the forums will be issued at our discretion.

2. A family friendly environment will be maintained at all times. No posts with pornographic pictures or videos may be posted on the forums, including in avatars and signatures. All pictures have to include more clothing than just underwear, and no nipples or genitals may be visible through said clothing. Links to such material will also be removed. Bans can and will be issued when pornographic or any other inappropriate materials are posted or linked to on these forums.

3. Absolutely no comments expressing opinions for or against another's race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual preference, or any other defining characteristic will be allowed. If any such comments are made in general or directed at another member the post will be removed and the offender will be subject to banning at our discretion.

4. Personal attacks and rude comments directed toward members and staff will not be tolerated. Disagreement is allowed, but argue your points and opinions with respect and maturity. Any name calling or flaming will be taken seriously. Any form of disrespect will not be tolerated. You are expected to treat your your fellow members with respect at all times. We encourage mature, constructive debates and highly discourage childish arguments. Strong language is not prohibited, but the use of profanity in any disrespectful manner is not allowed. Use common sense.

5. Constructive comments on the functionality of any ROM, mod, theme, etc. are allowed. However, making negative comments about anyone's work that is contained in these forums for any purpose other than making them aware to the creator or seeking help will not be allowed. This is a creative and friendly environment, please keep the remarks that are posted clean and helpful.

6. There will be no posting of another's personal information with out consent.

7. Politics, political beliefs and other sensitive opinions will not be discussed on this forum. Please take those discussions to a different forum dedicated to that subject.

8. No attempts to raise money for personal or private organizations or charities is allowed without approval.

9. The marketplace is provided to you for all posts related to selling, purchasing and trading items and services. Please keep all such posts in the marketplace only.

10. Linking to other material that is not official affiliated with Team BAMF is prohibited, this includes posts or post links to other sites with relation to porn, drugs, hate, terrorism, or anything else you imagine should not be posted here. If you wish to post or link to something and you are not sure if it is allowed, ask a staff member prior to posting.

11. Posting links to mirrors of official Team BAMF content is prohibited, unless express consent has been given to you by a member of the site staff.

12. Advertising of any company or product is a privilege only official Team BAMF sponsors and affiliates hold. To inquire about starting a relationship with Team BAMF, please PM a staff member.

13. If you disagree with the actions of any moderator, you are welcome to PM that moderator and resolve any issues. If you feel that does not provide a satisfactory explanation or compromise, feel free to contact a senior moderator or an administrator with your concerns. Openly disagreeing with a staff member's actions will not be allowed, use the PM system.

14. Creating multiple user accounts for any reason is absolutely prohibited. Doing so will ultimately result in getting all - including your original - accounts banned by your IP address, preventing you from making any new accounts as well. If you feel that for some reason you must create a new account, please feel more than free to contact an Administrator.

15. If you are not sure if anything is acceptable, take the time to ask a moderator or other staff member. Your question(s) will be answered as soon as possible.