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BAMF Family.. How have you been?!

Nov 19 2013 08:59 PM | ThatDudeButch in Team BAMF

Well folks, it sure has been quiet around here for a couple months. We have all been overwhelmingly busy with this thing called life.. Funny how it gets in the way of all the fun.

You may have noticed that the site looks different and may bring a bit of nostalgia to those that have been around for a couple years.

We started as a group of friends who liked to tinker with Android and shoot the shit. Some where along the line things got complicated.

The new look also signifies what we have always been about; simplicity. This is what I hope to bring back as time allows and cool devices come our way.

I'll be trimming the useless crap still laying around and we can focus on what we all came here for. To shoot the shit and play with Android. Feel free to invite your friends, talk shit, and don't worry about being censored. This is BAMF, and we just don't give a..


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